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Find the latest news and developments in China’s prospering social media landscape!

Case study: No.1 Store used "no comment " as an opportunity to promotion (CN)

“No. 1 Store” used the “no comments” period in China to run a campaign on Sina Weibo. Users, who made the first comment on Apr. 3rd, the date the comment function could be used again, could win a shopping card worth 5.000 Yuan. The campaign got over 18.000 forwards and over 5.000 comments in two days. 

Rumor, Tencent Wants its Weixin To Rock global market (EN)

According to Tencent´s official, its mobile messaging service Weixin has over 50 million registered users and 20 million active users by the end of 2011. And now Tencent aims to reach out for the global market. According to people familiar with this matter, Tencent is planning a big oversea campaign to promote weixin on both Android and iOS.

Sina: Over 130,000 enterprises own Weibo accounts (CN)

Sina Weibo and CIC jointly released China’s first white paper on enterprise accounts on weibo. There are currently more than 130.000 company accounts in Sina Weibo; 56% of all Weibo users have followed at least one coporate account; the top 5 best represented industries of all 22 thus far are food, automotive, business services, e-commerce and IT. Nearly 30% of the world's top 500 businesses have an account on Sina Weibo. Amongst these accounts, FMCG and e-commerce deliver the best operational cases.


Taobao will launch "wantu" in oder to become more SNS (CN)
Taobao will build a new Pinterest-like online community “”. This community is a combination of the online photo shopping platform and the SNS.

Demographic Profile of Smartphone Users in China (EN)
According to Q1 2012 data from Ohio-based research firm ProsperChina’s InsightCenter, China smartphone users resemble the survey sample in terms of both gender and age, but index significantly higher among wealthier internet users.

[Graphic]Top 10 Instant Messenger in 2011 (EN)
Tencent QQ, Alibaba’s Wangwang, and China Mobile’s Fetion (Feixin) were the top three most popular instant messengers in China last year.

China Leads World in New iOS & Android Activations; App Sessions Up 1126% Over Last Year (EN)
New data from mobile analytics firm Flurry indicates the incredible growth potential of the Chinese smartphone market. The country, which ranked 11th place at the start of 2011 in terms of iOS and Android activations, has now climbed into the number one spot, beating out the U.S., now number two.

Kaixin launches pinterest like products (CN)
Kaixin launched its new product “Kaixin Jipin”. The “Kaixin Jipin” is a Pinterest like picture sharing social network product with the “waterfall stream” interface.

Startups for Women: More to Expect (EN)
When we talk about startups, we rarely take a look at the target users at the first place. Instead, we always place them the same way we deal with traditional industries: we look at the functions provided and divide them into different sectors: SNS, game, commerce, advertisement, media…Women users, who have great purchase power and excellent curiosity for new internet products, are worth of more attention.

iFlytek - Chinese Siri-like product (CN)
iFlytek Yudian, the Chinese Siri, has an iPhone and Antroid version. Users can give audio comments to their phone in order to get something done, e.g. Ask Yudian what´s the weather like in Beijing makes the system connect to the internet and search for it. Since Apple´s Siri closed its door to outsiders, iFlytek encourages other developers to build all kinds of Apps upon its voice cloud. iFly has now about 70 million users.

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