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Find the latest news and developments in China’s prospering social media landscape!


Soso Launches StreetView Maps in China, Looks Like Google StreetView (EN)

Tencent owned search engine,, has just launched their own version of streetview maps in three locations: Shenzhen (where Tencent is based), Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and other mountain regions of Tibet. Other cities will be gradually launched soon but it is unfortunate, Beijing is not yet live. The fact that Soso released StreetView earlier than Baidu is quite impressive.

What the Future Looks Like for Chinese LBS? (EN)

Ever since Foursquare made an overnight sensation at SXSW (South by Southwest) in last March in Austin, Texas, its siblings emerged upon the scene quickly in both U.S. and China with more or less similar features – check into where you are to announce your whereabouts. If Facebook is all about who am I, Twitter is all about what I’m talking about, then LBS service like Foursquare is trying to tell people where am I.

China: The Dragon of Mobile APPs (CN)

China is becoming one of the fast developing economics with 0.95 billion mobile users. From Jan- Oct 2011, the increase rate of Chinese applied dialogue is 870%. Within the graphics, we can see that the share of applied dialogue in China is increasing rapidly.


Holiday 2011: breaking the One Billion App Download Barrier (EN)

China, the world’s second largest app market, which has roughly one-third of the U.S. installed base saw only one-fifth of the relative downloads. It’s important to note that the celebration of Christmas as a holiday impacted download performance. While the United States widely celebrates Christmas, China is largely non-religious, with over 60% of the population considering themselves agnostic or atheist. In China, Christians make up just 3 – 4% of the population.

Online Shopping in China in 2011 [INFOGRAPHIC] (EN)
In China, 2011 was an especially big year for online shopping and ecommerce. For a few key facts and figures about how this corner of China’s internet industry is growing, check out the following graphic that I’ve put together on the subject.

500 million internet users in China: it is the “Internet times” (CN)
According to the report from Chinese internet and information office, Chinese internet users will reach 500 million in 2012 - a significant development of the internet and also the mobile usage. There are 350 million mobile users in China and more than 300 million people had a weibo account in 2011.

Every 60 Seconds On the Chinese Internet… [INFOGRAPHIC] (CN)
Insane amounts of money and a great deal of content flows from the fingers of Chinese internet users every sixty seconds. The hugest number is the amount of ads that Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) serves every minute.

Open Platform top 3: Baidu, Sina and Tencent (CN)
According to the report from Chinese Science Institution, there are rankings about Chinese mainstream open platforms. Learn more about these open platforms in terms of users, support, platform, profits and the top 3: Baidu (4.06), Sina weibo(3.78) and Tencent (3.73).

Baidu Related Launches, a Social Platform for Local Businesses (EN)
After raising tens of millions USD in venture capital, has created, a social platform for local businesses to connect with consumers. Leho, aims to help businesses set up brand pages to allow merchants the ability to share their information, special deals and connect with customers. This new effort is a push into the increasingly popular online to offline model or O2O, which we wrote about recently.

DeNA Establishes Gaming Partnership with Chinese SNS Kaixin001 (EN)
In an effort to boost its Mobage gaming platform in China, DeNA is leveraging the 120 million registered users on the Kaixin network in the hopes that many will play Mobage games, and tell their friends as well. As a part of the cooperation between the two companies, Kaixin users will be able to access Mobage China with their own Kaixin logins. In addition, the Mobage China mobile app will feature ‘share on Kaixin001’ and ‘back to Kaixin001’ buttons. For DeNA this means that its games have a chance to spread among friends on the Chinese social network.

Interview: CEO of Ushi (CN)
Nowadays, Chinese Linkedin “Ushi” develop very fast. The total user number reached 700.000 and the average duration of stay is 8-10 minutes. The number of daily users increased from 1.000 to 5.000. Learn more about the platfrom in the latest interview with Uhsi's CEO.

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